Muscat Mizzi offers comprehensive regulatory and transactional assistance to businesses operating in the blockchain space.

Distributed ledger technology, upon which blockchain is based, has the potential to disrupt those industries where end users could benefit from decentralisation.

Decentralisation, as it were, is a concept in which parties to a transaction are able to transact directly with one another without the necessity of middle-men that are ordinarily employed to enable such transaction. 
Being a relatively novel technology, many are the solutions that are being proposed that are yet to be tested in the market. Only a selected few will achieve the desired commercial outcome, as an increasing number of participants attempt to deliver competing solutions that seek to radically change the way we transact with each other. 
ICO Legal Services
Lawyers at Muscat Mizzi truly understand the potential of blockchain, not only as a disrupter of business, but also its potential to deliver a fairer society, where wealth can be distributed more evenly amongst stakeholders of a particular industry. 
Amongst other things, the firm leverages its multidisciplinary practice, bringing together financial regulatory issues, data protection, intellectual property, KYC and e-commerce and applying them to the nuances surrounding the new wave of regulations on distributed ledger technology, related virtual currencies and service providers. 
With these tools, we are able to guide clients by developing the required documentation and by curating  important details that can differentiate an ICO or a related service from one regulatory regime from another. 
Our in-depth understanding of blockchain, token generating events and the ecosystem of related service providers makes us well positioned to advise and assist clients on all aspects of: 
- Development, drafting and review of ICO documentation including white papers, private placement offering documents, token purchase agreements, pre-ICO token offering, terms of use and privacy policies; 
- Regulatory profiling of ICOs pursuant to the financial instrument test set forth by the Malta Financial Services Authority; 
- Licensing of brokers, dealers, portfolio managers, sponsors and exchanges of virtual currencies; 
- Anti-money laundering regulations, due diligence and KYC implications of ICOs and related service providers; 
- Review of ICO marketing material and website;
- Advising on associated aspects of intellectual property, data protection, regulatory compliance and e-commerce.



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