Malta is a popular jurisdiction for the setting up of fund vehicles of various types, including venture capital funds, private equity funds, loan funds and real estate funds.

An increasing number of promoters and managers are choosing to set-up funds in Malta as a result of quicker regulatory adaptation, the availability of high-level service providers and the relative cost efficiency, amongst other factors.

The flagship fund product in Malta is the Professional Investor Fund (“PIF”). The regulation of the PIF allows for more flexibility in respect of the investment strategy and the use of leverage. However, the fund cannot be marketed (or ‘passported’) across the Single Market and is limited to ‘Qualifying Investors’ with a minimum entry level of €100,000.

The PIF is an excellent product for start-ups looking to increase assets under management and build up a track record while slowly making the necessary arrangements to ease into the Alternative Investment Fund (“AIF”) regime which, although more onerous in every sense of the word, allows access to the Single Market.

Aside from the setting up and ongoing regulatory support to PIFs and AIFs, we also assist and advise promoters and managers on the setting-up and regulatory compliance of:

  • UCITS Funds
  • Retail AIFs
  • Protected Cell Companies
  • Notified AIFs


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