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Crowdfunding on the Blockchain

Crowdfunding may easily represent the most accessible way for SMEs to raise financing. Blockchain is a highly effective and arguably revolutionary technology. Together, crowdfunding and blockchain, are an effective medium between the person launching an idea and those people who intend to participate in that idea.  


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Terminating a pregnant employee during her probation period

By means of a judgment delivered by the Industrial Tribunal on the 27th February 2020, Union Print Company Limited was ordered to pay the plaintiff the sum of €10,846, for terminating her employment unfairly.

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Future of Security Token Offerings in Malta

Following the MFSA’s issuance of a “Consultation Document on Security Token Offering- Capital Markets Strategy” in July 2019 and the feedback received from various stakeholders, MFSA has now issued its feedback statement. Here are some of the points discussed in the feedback statement which provide an overview of the envisaged STO framework in Malta.

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We are a boutique law firm based in Malta. With offices in Valletta and Rabat, we service clients in the business sector who are drawn to our reputation for creativity and efficiency.

Dispute Resolution

Dispute Resolution

Be it a debt recovery effort, contractual dispute or a civil claim, having the right legal support in a pre-litigation or litigation scenario is crucial to secure an efficient and effective resolution.


Ensuring rules and standards are met on an ongoing basis is an obligation to both your business and the community.


Transactions are the cornerstone of our practice as we routinely assist businesses accomplish their strategic objectives and defend their position in the market

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