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Be it a debt recovery effort, contractual dispute or a civil claim, having the right legal support in a pre-litigation or litigation scenario is crucial to secure an efficient and effective resolution.


Ensuring rules and standards are met on an ongoing basis is an obligation to both your business and the community.


Transactions are the cornerstone of our practice as we routinely assist businesses accomplish their strategic objectives and defend their position in the market.

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We are a boutique law firm based in Malta. With offices in Valletta and Rabat, we service clients in the business sector who are drawn to our reputation for creativity and efficiency.

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Muscat Mizzi Advocates hosting the IT IP Law Group Europe in Malta

We are delighted to be hosting the IT IP Law Group Europe in Malta this weekend. The IT IP Law Group Europe is a tight network of legal professionals specialised in the fields of intellectual property and information technology.  Through this network we are able to deal with cross border...

Freedom of Information Law Challenged in the Constitutional Court

We are proud to be assisting the Daphne Caruana Galizia Foundation, together with our colleague Dr. Claire Bonello, in constitutional proceedings, in which we seek to challenge, in particular, certain provisions of the Freedom of Information Act. More information about the case can be found on the following news portals: ...

Buying real estate off-plan? Be aware of the risks.

Real estate is the world’s most important and largest asset class, and is purchased both as a utility as well as an investment. It is largely perceived to be a safe investment, ostensibly due to its tangibility but also historically, at least here in Malta, the downside risk appears to...
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