"Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success." H. Ford

Transactions are the cornerstone of our practice as we routinely assist businesses accomplish their strategic objectives and defend their position in the market

On a daily basis, we advise businesses deal with a myriad of relationships and agreements that bind them to their suppliers, employees, customers, strategic partners and other third parties. In this way, we see ourselves as a functional extension to any enterprise, providing ongoing legal support through our interdisciplinary practice with the final aim of building long term relationships with clients based on mutual trust and recognition.

We never assume to know the business more than the client. Our game plan is to create the right synergy to facilitate business decisions, develop strategy, manage risks and solve problems as they arise. We do this by combining our legal knowledge with industry sector knowledge, and an energetic approach in order to cover the full range of transactional issues. The firm’s practice has direct exposure in a number of industry sectors, namely, IT and technology, financial services, real estate, entertainment and retail.

Mergers & Acquisitions

Muscat Mizzi works with companies and private investors to design and implement M&A programs that achieve critical business objectives.

Our M&A practice goes well beyond negotiating and structuring deals. As legal partner to our clients, we endeavour to add further value by introducing financing options and leveraging our professional network to generate opportunities and deal flow.

We have a particularly strong track record on both buy and sell sides in the real estate, investment services, technology and retail sectors. Clients value our timely, pragmatic and commercial approach to problem solving, in addition to our high degree of individualised attention.

The firm assists client with all types of M&A transactions, including:

  • Acquisitions and dispositions;
  • Mergers;
  • Joint ventures and strategic alliances;
  • Legal due diligence;
  • Legal opinions on the capacity, encorceability and due execution of agreements.



Technology & IP Transactions

Cutting edge technology and IP assets have become key drivers and critical components in commercial transactions.

At Muscat Mizzi Advocates, we work closely with our clients to identify and unlock the value of intangible assets, technological assets and related intellectual property rights. 
We also assist with intellectual property, technology and data-driven transactions by leveraging our knowledge on copyright, patent, trademark and trade secret laws. 
We have a particularly strong track record assisting clients with:
- assignment or licensing of IP Rights; 
- development, drafting and negotiation of franchise agreements;
- clearance of rights prior to the commencement of audiovisual and other projects; 
- advising on the application of the rights and exceptions available under copyright legislation in Malta;
- developing, drafting and negotiation of production, talent, advertising and distribution agreements;
- co-existence agreements between brand owners; 
- transfer or lease of website domains; 
- development, drafting and negotiation of technology licensing agreements, including white label agreements and SaaS agreements. 

Restructuring & Insolvency

In economic times characterised by volatility and aggressive business cycles, any business can pass through stages of distress. Taking action at the right time can save your business and ensure a better return for creditors.

Such periods necessitate the provision of ongoing legal support and advice to ensure that the legal obligations are complied with and that the rights of creditors are preserved.

Our restructuring, insolvency and bankruptcy practice is by no means limited to advising debtors. We also advise creditors and insolvency practitioners in relation to the solutions available to dissolve or restructure a company or a trader’s business. Our expertise covers all types of transactions, including, schemes of arrangement and compromises, company recovery procedures (administration), rescheduling of debts and restructuring by means of corporate finance transactions.

We also have the expertise to advise on matters related to secured finance, ranking of creditors and to represent clients (debtors and creditors) in both formal and informal proceedings related to restructuring, insolvency and bankruptcy. 


We provide commercially focused advice on all aspects of financing and security matters.

Whether you are a business looking to finance your activities, or a lender seeking to support business, we are able to deliver innovative legal and business solutions for you. 
Our work covers a number of financing products and transactions, including acquisition finance, project finance, asset finance, financial restructuring or general lending, as we routinely assist clients structure and document the transaction in accordance with applicable laws and regulations.   
We have previously assisted clients with:   
- Debt financing;
- Inter-creditor and subordination agreements;
- Equity financing;
- Convertible notes;
- Public offerings in terms of the Prospectus Regulation;
- Listings on multilateral trading facilities; 
- Listings on the Malta Stock Exchange;
- Advising on and creating security packages under Maltese law to secure indebtedness.



Real Estate

Real estate transactions require both specialist expertise and market insight.

Real estate is an increasingly complex asset class that brings together buyers and sellers, investors, financiers, developers, brokers, landlords and tenants that seek our expertise in this area.  
At Muscat Mizzi Advocates, we leverage our knowledge on the fundamentals and key drivers of the local property market together with a multidisciplinary legal practice to advise clients on all manner of:
- acquisitions and divestments of real estate;
- planning applications;
- leases;
- construction and finishing;
- real estate finance; 
- brokerage;
- registration of hypothecs and other security interests. 


A well-developed service-level or supply agreement is an important tool to mitigate risks associated with your business.

A service-level agreement or a long term supply agreement is a commitment between a service provider or supplier to its customer. It is a particularly necessary document to have in place where the success of a business relies on the performance of another business. 

Such agreements differ from other agreements in the way they regulate the expected level of service between the parties post execution of the contact. 

Aspects related to quality of service and product, responsibilities, availability and responsiveness of ongoing support, monitoring, testing, remedies, and other ancillary matters are expected to be well defined and documented with a view to manage the expectations and ongoing interactions between the parties. 

Whether you are supplying a critical service or product or receiving it, we are able to help you develop a bespoke agreement that meets industry expectations and that is suitable to your specific business.


We represent employers and employees with a broad range of work-related issues across the entire spectrum of employment law.

From traditional employment relations, issues of executive compensation and talent acquisition,  we are able to assist you navigate increasingly complex and constantly evolving regulations and trends.  
Our experience includes:
- Structuring, negotiating and drafting of employment agreements;
- Assisting with talent acquisition by navigating limitations arising from restrictive covenants and trade secret laws; 
- Assisting with the transfer of employees in the context of a transfer of business;
- Developing employee incentives for optimum work performance;
- Evaluating the legal and commercial risks associated with the termination of employment, including collective redundancies.


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