Alain Muscat

Alain Muscat


Alain Muscat

Alain is a partner at Muscat Mizzi Advocates specialising in business law and financial services. He is an expert in Malta inward investment, advising overseas companies on setting up and doing business in Malta.

He looks after clients in a variety of industries although his main industries of focus are financial services, technology and entertainment. Beyond his practice, Alain also lectures at the University of Malta and is a dedicated music enthusiast.



Written by Alain Muscat

2021: Online Trading Platforms and Risks to Investor Protection

Among several events that 2021 will be remembered for, this year will probably go down as the year in which financial markets saw unprecedented levels of trading volumes, ostensibly due to the increased participation of retail investors making use of a variety of online trading platforms offering investments with low...

Zero-Commission Trading: Is Payment for Order Flow consistent with local rules transposing MiFID II?

The rise of zero-commission trading has brought about a revolution in the investment services industry; contributing in part to the unprecedented number of retail investors that are now actively participating in financial markets. On the one side, zero-commission trading has been described as a step forward in the democratisation of...

Muscat Mizzi Advocates joins the 'Public Interest Litigation Network'

The practice of law is a privilege that carries with it the responsibility to serve our community whenever it is possible for us to do so.  It is our duty to defend those rights that we tend to take for granted: the right to free speech, work, privacy, family and...


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