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Deborah Chappell

Dr Deborah Chappell spearheads the financial services practice at Muscat Mizzi Advocates. Her multifaceted role involves navigating clients through licensing requirements, facilitating transactions, conducting negotiations, and meticulously documenting diverse commercial arrangements. In addition, Dr Chappell extends her expertise to litigation matters where necessary. Deborah has had the privilege of advising clients involved in intricate, multi-jurisdictional transactions, particularly in lending, real estate finance, and financial restructuring arenas. Throughout these high-stakes engagements, she has been instrumental in drafting and negotiating crucial documents, including loan agreements, intercreditor agreements, security documents, and associated paperwork, adeptly representing the interests of both lenders and borrowers.

Dr Chappell brings substantial experience in advising clients on general corporate law matters. Her expertise also extends to advising and assisting clients in matters pertaining to government concessions and public procurement, further solidifying her reputation as a trusted legal advisor.


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Deborah Chappell to participate in the FinTech Focus Digital Transformation conference

On the 1st of November, Muscat Mizzi Advocates will be participating in the Fintech Focus Digital Transformation Summit in London, United Kingdom. Deborah Chappell, will be participating in the panel "Fintech strategies - from growth to sustainable profitability". If you wish to meet us during the conference, please contact us...

Interview: Finance Malta speaks to our regulatory consulting partner Deborah Chappell

Deborah Chappell was invited by FinanceMalta to speak about the driving forces behind Muscat Mizzi Advocates, the firm’s desire to expand its knowledge base and continue recruiting local talent, and the offerings which still make Malta an attractive jurisdiction for start-ups.  Click Here to read the full interview.

MFSA launches Fintech Regulatory Sandbox

The Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) has introduced its FinTech Regulatory Sandbox, which provides a controlled regulatory environment where FinTech operators may test their innovations within the financial services sector under prescribed conditions. The FinTech Regulatory Sandbox was launched during a press conference held on the 22nd of July, 2020....

Crowdfunding on the Blockchain

Crowdfunding may easily represent the most accessible way for SMEs to raise financing. Blockchain is a highly effective and arguably revolutionary technology. Together, crowdfunding and blockchain, are an effective medium between the person launching an idea and those people who intend to participate in that idea.     A crowdfunding structure is...

Future of Security Token Offerings in Malta

Defining STOs In the Consultation Document, the Authority proposed a categorization of different types of STOs, being: TRADITIONAL STOs: Traditional transferable securities such as shares; bonds (including callable bonds); convertible debt securities; derivatives, asset-backed securities; the storage and/or transaction execution of which is intrinsically dependent on, or utilizes Distributed Ledger...

Muscat Mizzi Advocates to attend and speak at the Malta AI & Blockchain Summit

Muscat Mizzi Advocates will be attending the Malta AI & Blockchain Summit between the 23rd and 24th May.  Our colleague, Dr Deborah Chappell, will be speaking on Thursday 23rd May between 10:50am - 11:10am on the subject of Malta's Role in The Digital World Economy.  If you wish to meet...


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