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Cyber Security: The Legal Perspective

Increasingly, cyber attacks have become more than just a matter of public concern but of private concern, as well, as private companies are more frequently targeted by hackers than ever before. Attacks now come from all sides, and attackers may include organized criminals, governments, competitors and even a company’s own...

Brexit: Part Two

The immediate impact of this upheaval aside, Brexit is one of the most significant social events in Europe of the post-war era – a wholesale rejection of the European project – which will present both challenges and opportunities, if indeed it happens at all. One must wonder: what does the...

Brexit: Part One

The 23rd day of June of 2016 marked a historic moment for the European Union – after fifty years of continued expansion and consolidation, one of its largest and most influential member states, the United Kingdom, went to the polls on whether the people wanted to continue its relationship with...

Choosing the right brand name

Strength of Trademarks A trademark is what makes one item or service distinguishable from another and in order for it to be effective, it usually has to be distinct from other marks and must have a quality which makes it stand apart. So true is the latter point, that a...

New Arbiter for Financial Services

Launched a little over a year ago the office of the Financial Services Arbiter is designed to be a space where consumers may lodge complaints in respect of the conduct of financial services providers. The decisions made by the Financial Services Arbiter are binding, placing this office above the Malta...

New investment fund rules set out to solve time to market issues

Last February, the Malta Financial Services Authority (MFSA) announced its intention to implement a new set of rules to govern the notification (as opposed to the licensing) of Alternative Investment Funds or ‘Notified AIFs’ or ‘NAIFs’, as they are commonly referred to. With the rules now in force, and the...


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