Some services require specialised or multi-jurisdictional expertise. Others demand tight deadlines.

As a boutique practice, we are able to deliver on engagements of the sort by keeping a strong network of like-minded law firms and sole practitioners with specialised knowledge who we are able to rope in on certain client briefs.

In this way, we can offer a comprehensive service on a consistent basis. Due to the nature of the practice, outsourcing is carried out on a transparent basis. We do not make mark-ups on fees, we remain involved throughout the project and we remain responsible to the client for the work that has been outsourced. Most importantly, we do not accept engagements that we cannot handle.

We are always interested to meet specialised practitioners with knowledge that can add further value to our practice and who share our same love for the profession. If you are one and would like to explore practice areas of mutual interest, get in touch and we’ll be happy to schedule an introductory meeting.


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