Joseph Mizzi

Joseph Mizzi


Joseph Mizzi

Dr Joseph Mizzi is at the forefront of the firm's dispute resolution and litigation practice. With an extensive breadth of experience, he has consistently delivered successful outcomes for clients spanning various legal domains, including commercial, property, employment, and civil ltigation. Renowned for his adept handling of complex legal disputes, Joseph has garnered the trust of a diverse clientele. His strategic counsel and tenacious representation have proven instrumental in securing favorable resolutions, even in the most challenging cases.

Joseph also advises private clients on matters related to residency and citizenship and he is an accredited agent at Identity Malta. He is a director and shareholder of MMB Consultancy Limited, a company which operates through the trade name RC International, the firm’s immigration arm.  


Written by Joseph Mizzi

Meet Us at the IBA Annual Litigation Forum in Amsterdam!

We are thrilled to announce that Joseph Mizzi will be attending the prestigious International Bar Association’s Annual Litigation Forum in Amsterdam, from April 17th to 19th. This event is a cornerstone for legal professionals worldwide to share insights, engage in meaningful discussions, and explore the latest trends in litigation. It...

Revolutionising Condominium Management: Malta’s Legislative Leap Forward

The concept of condominium living in Malta is facing potential legislative modernisation, with a white paper proposing significant reforms. These proposals aim to address the challenges in governance, maintenance, and management of shared spaces. This article delves into the proposed amendments, which, while not yet law, indicate the direction of...

Reclaiming Company Assets After It Has Been Struck Off the Registry: Analysing the Carmel Cortis et vs L-Onor Prim Ministru et Judgment

A recent judgment from the First Hall Civil Court (Constitutional Jurisdiction) has significant implications for shareholders and interested parties seeking to recover a company's assets long after it has been struck off the Malta Business Registry. This article delves into the ramifications of this judgment and its potential to reshape...

Announcing Our New Office Location!

We're excited to announce that we have moved to a new location to better serve our clients. Our new office is now located at Office 1, 4th Floor, Kingsway Palace, Republic Street, Valletta. We look forward to welcoming you to our new premises!

Dispute Resolution in Malta: Choosing Between Arbitration and Court Proceedings

Beneath the framework of Malta's judicial system, a distinctive mix of civil law, common law traditions, and EU directives and regulations, there are several avenues for dispute resolution. This article provides a comprehensive exploration of the two primary routes: litigation in Malta and arbitration in Malta, offering a detailed comparative...

Court declares ARMS billing practices illegal

In what is considered to be a ground-breaking judgment, the First Hall Civil Court ordered Automated Revenue Management Services Limited (“ARMS”) to refund the sum it overcharged when issuing its electricity bills to the plaintiffs. The plaintiffs, Mr. Darren Cordina and Notary Melvin Polidano, instituted a case against ARMS on...


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