Corporate Governance

Boards are facing increased scrutiny on how they administer businesses.

Corporate governance is no longer a buzzword that only public companies should be concerned with. Shareholders, regulators, clients and the general public demand that businesses are governed in accordance with the highest ethical standards and best practice.  
Issues such as conflicts of interests, concentration of power, diversity and executive compensation are considered to be unacceptable risks and boards would be well advised to take such matters into consideration when administering a company. 
Our lawyers are constantly up to date with latest trends and best practices in corporate governance.  Our work in the regulated sector, particularly financial services, exposes us to the highest standards and practices expected by regulators and with this experience we assist businesses with:
- Recording of board and shareholder meetings and maintenance of minute books 
- Composition of boards and board committees
- Succession planning of senior executives and directors
- Periodic reviews of constitutive documents
- Shareholder communications 
- Periodic identification of business risks. 


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