Data Protection & Privacy

We work closely with our clients to design and develop strategies that enable the utilisation of data without endangering the trust in their brand.

Data is increasingly becoming a core asset for most businesses as it provides insights upon which new services and products can be developed. However, operations regarding personal data are subject to onerous laws and regulations in Malta and the European Union. Oftentimes violations lead to reputational damage that require both effort and time to repair.
Our knowledge on data protection and privacy laws, together with our ongoing relationship with the Office of the Information and Data Protection Commissioner in Malta places us in an excellent position to advise clients on all matters related to data protection and privacy in Malta.
Our experience includes:
- Advising clients on the usage of data in marketing, including consent forms relative to the placements of cookies
- Assisting clients comply with data protection laws and regulations in Malta and the EU
- Assisting clients with information requests by the Government, regulators and the Courts of Malta
- Developing and drafting IT and privacy policies, whistleblower policies and international data transfer agreements
- Advising clients in relation the effects and changes brought about by the General Data Protection Regulation.




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