A well-developed service-level or supply agreement is an important tool to mitigate risks associated with your business.

A service-level agreement or a long term supply agreement is a commitment between a service provider or supplier to its customer. It is a particularly necessary document to have in place where the success of a business relies on the performance of another business. 

Such agreements differ from other agreements in the way they regulate the expected level of service between the parties post execution of the contact. 

Aspects related to quality of service and product, responsibilities, availability and responsiveness of ongoing support, monitoring, testing, remedies, and other ancillary matters are expected to be well defined and documented with a view to manage the expectations and ongoing interactions between the parties. 

Whether you are supplying a critical service or product or receiving it, we are able to help you develop a bespoke agreement that meets industry expectations and that is suitable to your specific business.


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