Restructuring & Insolvency

In economic times characterised by volatility and aggressive business cycles, any business can pass through stages of distress. Taking action at the right time can save your business and ensure a better return for creditors.

Such periods necessitate the provision of ongoing legal support and advice to ensure that the legal obligations are complied with and that the rights of creditors are preserved.

Our restructuring, insolvency and bankruptcy practice is by no means limited to advising debtors. We also advise creditors and insolvency practitioners in relation to the solutions available to dissolve or restructure a company or a trader’s business. Our expertise covers all types of transactions, including, schemes of arrangement and compromises, company recovery procedures (administration), rescheduling of debts and restructuring by means of corporate finance transactions.

We also have the expertise to advise on matters related to secured finance, ranking of creditors and to represent clients (debtors and creditors) in both formal and informal proceedings related to restructuring, insolvency and bankruptcy. 


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