Technology & IP Transactions

Cutting edge technology and IP assets have become key drivers and critical components in commercial transactions.

At Muscat Mizzi Advocates, we work closely with our clients to identify and unlock the value of intangible assets, technological assets and related intellectual property rights. 
We also assist with intellectual property, technology and data-driven transactions by leveraging our knowledge on copyright, patent, trademark and trade secret laws. 
We have a particularly strong track record assisting clients with:
- assignment or licensing of IP Rights; 
- development, drafting and negotiation of franchise agreements;
- clearance of rights prior to the commencement of audiovisual and other projects; 
- advising on the application of the rights and exceptions available under copyright legislation in Malta;
- developing, drafting and negotiation of production, talent, advertising and distribution agreements;
- co-existence agreements between brand owners; 
- transfer or lease of website domains; 
- development, drafting and negotiation of technology licensing agreements, including white label agreements and SaaS agreements. 


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