Commercial Disputes

Litigation risk is present in almost every commercial transaction. We can help you anticipate and mitigate contentious aspects of a transaction and take appropriate action where a dispute becomes unavoidable.

Commercial disputes are counterproductive in nature. A measured and equanimous approach is necessary to assess the appropriate level of escalation and to preserve the desired commercial outcome of a transaction.

Sometimes a commercial transaction is regulated by a clearly drafted contract, and a proper interpretation of the documentation is required prior to asserting contractual rights. In other instances, the behaviour of the parties in anticipation of the contract needs to be scrutinised to ascertain culpability.  

There is certainly no one-size-fits-all solution to resolving commercial disputes and a thorough understanding of the relationship of the parties, jurisprudential aspects of the dispute and related commercial objectives is critical when considering the available options to manage and resolve the dispute. 

As a trusted advisor, we help our clients take well-informed decisions to achieve the most commercially sound resolution to the dispute. From proceedings before the Courts of Malta to arbitration, mediation, conciliation and settlement negotiations, we are able to guide you through to an effective resolution that protects your most important business interests. 


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