Real Estate Disputes

An ever-evolving real estate market requires lawyers with a good understanding of the law and related commercial aspects.

Whatever your involvement in real estate, we can assist you on a wide range of related issues. From disputes between landlords and tenants to issues of property conveyancing and title, we are able to utilise various dispute resolution options to ensure an efficient and effective resolution. 
We also work closely with our transactional colleagues to pre-empt potential real estate disputes and provide related strategic advice. 
We have previously represented clients in connection with:  
- Proceedings and negotiations for the division of immovable property; 
- Enforcement or removal of security interests over immovable property; 
- Enforcement of a promise of sale or lease; 
- Instituting or defending proceedings for latent defects or delivery of property that is not of the agreed quality; 
- Proceedings for violation of peaceful possession of property;
- Government expropriations; 
- Lease disputes;
- Construction and finishing disputes; 
- Disputes related to easements and boundary walls; 
- Issues related to planning and environment;
- Judicial sale by auction of immovable property and valuation disputes. 



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