Shareholder & Board Disputes

Unresolved disputes between shareholders or directors are likely to bring about devastating consequences.

It is not uncommon for differences of opinion to arise between shareholders or directors. And although board and general meetings tend to be governed by majority rule, lack of cohesion amongst shareholders or directors remains a costly distraction that should be addressed in a timely manner. 
Seeking early advice to understand and later assert your legal rights can make the difference between an effective resolution or a deconstructive escalation.  
Our shareholder and board dispute resolution practice boasts a sophisticated understanding of the rights and legal remedies available to shareholders, particularly, actions of unfair prejudice. We also assist Boards and shareholders hold directors to account where statutory duties are breached.  
We have previously assisted clients: 
- File and defend proceedings for unfair prejudice under article 402 of the Companies Act; 
- Remove and appoint directors; 
- Advice on aspects related to corporate governance;
- Advice on constitutive documents and shareholders’ agreements; 
- Advice on legal aspects of succession of directors and shareholders. 


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