Employment Disputes

Preserving your reputation as a stable and good employer or a diligent and hard-working employee is critical to your future.

Employment laws and trends constantly evolve. An accurate interpretation of the employment agreement is critical to resolving related disputes. However, some laws can supersede or void certain provisions set out in an employment agreement. 
An acute understanding of the legal and jurisprudential aspects of employment law is therefore required to ensure that the right approach to the dispute is adopted. 
Our employment disputes practice seeks to primarily avoid formal proceedings which tend to carry with them reputational risk that may impinge on future recruitment opportunities. When proceedings become inevitable, we are able to utilise various dispute resolution options to resolve the dispute in a discreet and cost-effective manner.   
No matter the complexity or sensitivity of the case, our aim is to assert your rights in a way that preserves your reputation and business interests. 
We have previously assisted clients:
- File and defend claims for unfair termination; 
- Protect confidential information and trade secrets; 
- Hold directors and senior employees responsible for breach of duty; 
- Recover unpaid wages; 
- Resolve disputes arising from restrictive covenant clauses in employment contracts, such as non-compete or non-solicitation clauses. 



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