Debt Collection

Every business should have adequate systems in place to monitor and recover debts.

Failure to do so can be costly, sometimes even fatal. At the same, chasing debts can be a frustrating distraction from everyday business.  
We can save you time and energy by demanding payment through judicial and extrajudicial channels. We also have a track record of successfully negotiating settlements in instances where the time value of money and legal costs could result in a lower return to our clients. 
Our aim is to resolve matters efficiently and expeditiously and to constantly keep you updated with developments as they arise. 
Our debt collection services include: 
- Issuing extrajudicial letters of demand;
- Filing judicial letters; 
- Filing special summary proceedings for the recovery of debts; 
- Filing precautionary garnishee orders, warrants of seizure and injunctions; 
- Filing proceedings before the Courts of Malta to recover debts, void preferential or fraudulent transactions or wind-up insolvent or bankrupt counterparties. 


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